Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Charity Knitting

These are some of the hats I donated to The Soaring Eagles Project.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Boring without pictures

I decided to take a break until I got some form of pictures on here. It's just boring without pictures right? I have a camera phone again, so here we go.

First up, my Center Square hat, notice the mistake in the chart chartwork? I'm chosing to say I meant to do it that way. In reality, when I initially printed off the pattern it had a really funky chart (actually I had 2 charts each with 9 rows and there was suppose to be 20 rows of chart work - it now has a full color 20 row chart) so I looked at the picture, pretended I knew what was going on, and then about 4 rows into it realized I had skipped part of it. I was lazy and just kept going.

Now we'll move on to the Pirate Mittens from Hello Yarn. Great pattern, this is my first mitten in the round, and first using this technique. I had a lot of trouble getting gauge, so these are actually numbers 2.5 and 3.5, the first one and a half were done on 2 other needle sizes and yarns. These ended up being done on #5 US dpns, and Lion Brand Microspun in Ebony and Fuchsia.

And just for fun...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Reading childrens books

Well, I recently rediscovered my collection of A Series of Unfortunate Events books and have been trying to finish them before the last book comes on October 13 (which while the reading is easy, finding the time to do so is not). People always think I jumped on the band wagon after the movie, but no, that is not so. My boyfriend of the time and I were playing Trivial Pursuit and there was a question about these books. Neither of us knew anything about them and the name Lemony Snicket was so odd that it stayed in my head. The next time I was at Target, I went through the children's book section and saw them. I started with just the first, and after a year of searching for them all I had 1-11, I later found 12, and now here 13 is coming out. I moved around the time I had managed to find and start reading Book the 7th, and they just stayed packed up in their box. These days it's much easier to find them all, but believe me, a few years ago it was not. In fact 2 of the books were ordered by my then boyfriend for Christmas through his colleges book store because we couldn't find them anywhere else. So now you know!

My knitting is sad, my pirate mitten is not getting along with the needles and yarn, so it has been stopped until tonight when I can go get another size needle. I did knit on a hat last night though in some new yarn I found, it's sable and admiral and turning out very nicely. I think a teenage boy will be more than happy to wear it. I bought the yarn on a whim and I really like it, for $1.99 a skein it's very soft and knitting up nicely. The true test however, will be to see how it washes.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cold hands

My office at work is freezing, so I am going to be starting a pair of these, I've never worn fingerless mitts before, but they are the most practical choice seeing as how I spend my work days writing and typing. Plus, I made the cheaters version for my grampa last Christmas and he loves them.

I'm also working on a pair of these for regular winter use. I like a tight cuff and according to my swatch a size 2 needle should have given me exactly what I wanted, but it lied. It's very tight, but I can get it off and on, so I'm going to finish the one mitten up and see how I like it, I might switch to a 3. The colors you say? Pink and Black. Oh, and I'm using a size 4 needle for the upper part of the mitten. I'm not sure if I'm going to line it yet, I'll have to wait and see how thick it feels when it's all done.

I finished up 2 skull caps (by far my favorite hat pattern, so quick and it makes a nice hat) for the shelter, and I'm working on a few more. Usually I knit these small things for the shelter during the summer, but my friends had to go and get pregnant, 3 babies in 6 months took up a lot of knitting time!

I think next I'll try some felted mittens and send them off to the Dulaan Project.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nothing much

I found a new pattern for a blanket to use scraps on, for some reason I really like the look of the simple garter stitch, I might have to actually buy some yarn to make this blanket...hmmm

oh yes, I found the pattern on this blog!

I finished my Odessa, worked a bit on the mitten, and will probably finish that up tonight, hopefully.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Well, I did work a tad bit on the mittens I had mentioned before, but over at LiveJournal I found someone's post about an unbeaded Odessa they were knitting in knitpicks shine sport, well, I just happened to have two skeins of that yarn in my stash (river) and had been wanting to do this hat since it came out, so that's what I did Saturday, I only did a row or two yesterday so I'm hoping to finish it up tonight. I will definitely be making this hat again, I'll probably do a beaded version next time. It's a simple pattern, which makes it perfect for my charity knitting, but it's something nicer than just a normal beanie (especially for the girls)
Oh, and I finished a simple garter stitch scarf out of Bernat's soft n chunky for the shelter. I was excited when I saw Wal-Mart had it on sale for $1 a skein, and that it was in such bright colors...the kids love the bright colors.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday is WIP day

I've decided Friday will be the day I discuss a few of the approximately 19,000 works in progress I have. (ok, maybe that's a tad bit of an exaggeration)

I have no fun pictures, so things will have to be imagined.

1. I have two baby moderne blankets that should get finished at some point. In Caron Simply Soft blue mint, limelight, gray, and black. I think I have decided not to give them to the original twins they were intended for (even though that is very mean because I did actually include them in part of the baby shower gift, but oh well) because the mom got a lot of blankets and because she didn't really seem all that interested in them, they will better serve their purpose at a shelter where I know someone will appreciate and use them.

2. A pair of mittens done in magic loop using some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes sock yarn in crush (I got a ton at Meijer when it was clearances to $1.70-$2.10 a ball). I'm using this pattern. I have one done, and I started the other.

3. The Irish Hiking Scarf (same website as the mittens) that was actually started for the Knitting Olympics way back when...shame on me. It's just done in (gasp!) Red Heart Acrylic, but I really liked the faux tweediness of it and well, to be quite honest, I have only quite recently discovered yarns outside of Wal-Mart, JoAnns, Michaels, you know how that goes.

4. A second Short Row Rib scarf in some dark red color, that will actually be perfect for The Red Scarf Project, so that needs to be top priority.

5. A random basketweave shawl that was started long ago and needs to be finished so that it can go to a home that is not my own.

Well, that's 5, and it's sad to say I have many many many more...but these should really be my top priority because they are all so close to being finished.

oh, wait, a bag made out of kitchen cotton, the pattern is at home along with the name of the website, I think the name of the pattern is promenade maybe?