Saturday, July 08, 2006

My enemy no longer haunts me...

I have a plethora of black yarn along with weirdo other colors...I will not let this whole "not being able to crochet" thing get me down. I shall overcome. How you may ask? How will I beat this demon? This. It may take me 900 years to complete (as I still have about 2 million more fish to make for last summers 'stash busting' project) but I will do it, I swear as my yarn as my witness, I will have my black and color hand crafted blanket on the back of my couch. I don't care how ugly it turns out, in fact, the uglier the better...Unfortunately there are two little twins coming that need blankets and bibs and they currently take precedence over my own needs of a cliché blanket...darn them.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Crochet - apparently not for me

I tried to crochet today. After googling my little heart out I settled in with instructions, some yarn, and a hook...it didn't go well. I really need to get a decent digital camera so I can post pictures, but I digress. I have only successfully crocheted one thing in my life, a hot pink hacky sack, and that was done without a pattern when I was approximately 11-12 years old. I am now 25. That's pretty sad. I guess I have crocheted numerous "square" things, but never have I conquered my enemy, (scary enemy music here) THE GRANNY SQUARE dun dun dun...........I just can't do it, they always look like a blob of yarn. I have long conveted the acrylic granny square blanket, the one where it's black with bright spots of color, I fear now, that I may never realize my dream of having such a blanket.

Perhaps I should take a class.