Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cold hands

My office at work is freezing, so I am going to be starting a pair of these, I've never worn fingerless mitts before, but they are the most practical choice seeing as how I spend my work days writing and typing. Plus, I made the cheaters version for my grampa last Christmas and he loves them.

I'm also working on a pair of these for regular winter use. I like a tight cuff and according to my swatch a size 2 needle should have given me exactly what I wanted, but it lied. It's very tight, but I can get it off and on, so I'm going to finish the one mitten up and see how I like it, I might switch to a 3. The colors you say? Pink and Black. Oh, and I'm using a size 4 needle for the upper part of the mitten. I'm not sure if I'm going to line it yet, I'll have to wait and see how thick it feels when it's all done.

I finished up 2 skull caps (by far my favorite hat pattern, so quick and it makes a nice hat) for the shelter, and I'm working on a few more. Usually I knit these small things for the shelter during the summer, but my friends had to go and get pregnant, 3 babies in 6 months took up a lot of knitting time!

I think next I'll try some felted mittens and send them off to the Dulaan Project.


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