Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday is WIP day

I've decided Friday will be the day I discuss a few of the approximately 19,000 works in progress I have. (ok, maybe that's a tad bit of an exaggeration)

I have no fun pictures, so things will have to be imagined.

1. I have two baby moderne blankets that should get finished at some point. In Caron Simply Soft blue mint, limelight, gray, and black. I think I have decided not to give them to the original twins they were intended for (even though that is very mean because I did actually include them in part of the baby shower gift, but oh well) because the mom got a lot of blankets and because she didn't really seem all that interested in them, they will better serve their purpose at a shelter where I know someone will appreciate and use them.

2. A pair of mittens done in magic loop using some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes sock yarn in crush (I got a ton at Meijer when it was clearances to $1.70-$2.10 a ball). I'm using this pattern. I have one done, and I started the other.

3. The Irish Hiking Scarf (same website as the mittens) that was actually started for the Knitting Olympics way back when...shame on me. It's just done in (gasp!) Red Heart Acrylic, but I really liked the faux tweediness of it and well, to be quite honest, I have only quite recently discovered yarns outside of Wal-Mart, JoAnns, Michaels, you know how that goes.

4. A second Short Row Rib scarf in some dark red color, that will actually be perfect for The Red Scarf Project, so that needs to be top priority.

5. A random basketweave shawl that was started long ago and needs to be finished so that it can go to a home that is not my own.

Well, that's 5, and it's sad to say I have many many many more...but these should really be my top priority because they are all so close to being finished.

oh, wait, a bag made out of kitchen cotton, the pattern is at home along with the name of the website, I think the name of the pattern is promenade maybe?


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