Friday, September 29, 2006

Reading childrens books

Well, I recently rediscovered my collection of A Series of Unfortunate Events books and have been trying to finish them before the last book comes on October 13 (which while the reading is easy, finding the time to do so is not). People always think I jumped on the band wagon after the movie, but no, that is not so. My boyfriend of the time and I were playing Trivial Pursuit and there was a question about these books. Neither of us knew anything about them and the name Lemony Snicket was so odd that it stayed in my head. The next time I was at Target, I went through the children's book section and saw them. I started with just the first, and after a year of searching for them all I had 1-11, I later found 12, and now here 13 is coming out. I moved around the time I had managed to find and start reading Book the 7th, and they just stayed packed up in their box. These days it's much easier to find them all, but believe me, a few years ago it was not. In fact 2 of the books were ordered by my then boyfriend for Christmas through his colleges book store because we couldn't find them anywhere else. So now you know!

My knitting is sad, my pirate mitten is not getting along with the needles and yarn, so it has been stopped until tonight when I can go get another size needle. I did knit on a hat last night though in some new yarn I found, it's sable and admiral and turning out very nicely. I think a teenage boy will be more than happy to wear it. I bought the yarn on a whim and I really like it, for $1.99 a skein it's very soft and knitting up nicely. The true test however, will be to see how it washes.


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